So What’s Going On Under There?

Under where you ask?  LOL I made you say underwear! Forgive the childish silliness I could help myself with today’s topic of bridal lingerie.

I do want to apologize for my absence the last 2 1/2 weeks. My sister was in town for 9 days and then we went on vacation and there was just so much going on I barely had time to breath let alone blog.

Now on to today’s topic of …. whats going on under that dress? You know the fancy one most brides wear on their wedding day?

Well there is this big ‘tradition’ that you have to wear this complicated, sexy, over the top, contraption-esq get up under your dress…. who ever came up with that had to be a man cause ladies….. that’s just silly. 

No really…. there is NO reason to wear anything remotely uncomfortable on your wedding day. (Unless you are hoping for a post-ceremony pre-reception (or during the reception) quicky, and really ladies it might be fun but you should really plan ahead for that cause you do have guests waiting on you and pictures will show more than you realize).

Think about it, you are going to be in these clothes for HOURS, nearly a whole day, do you really want to worry about wandering panties or a million straps? You will be dancing a lot, and on your feet a lot, and walking a lot, the dress itself will likely be heavy or bulky and HOT, you WILL need to use the rest room at some point, and what if your monthly friend decides to make a surprise appearance, why add to the complications?

As for me…. I will likely have on some cute but comfy cotton panties, as supportive but comfy bra and some spandex shorts or capris. Yeah…. I’m not even kidding. I will be comfy on my wedding day or I won’t enjoy it. Besides… the only lingerie Stud Muffin likes is the kind balled up on the floor. If you want to be sexy on your wedding night go for it, have a bag for the hotel or change at the end of the reception.

Seriously ladies, comfort should be a priority.

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