We Set A Date!

Its Official Folks! Stud Muffin and I are getting hitched on …


September 6, 2014


<insert hallelujah chorus here>

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So What’s Going On Under There?

Under where you ask?  LOL I made you say underwear! Forgive the childish silliness I could help myself with today’s topic of bridal lingerie.

I do want to apologize for my absence the last 2 1/2 weeks. My sister was in town for 9 days and then we went on vacation and there was just so much going on I barely had time to breath let alone blog.

Now on to today’s topic of …. whats going on under that dress? You know the fancy one most brides wear on their wedding day?

Well there is this big ‘tradition’ that you have to wear this complicated, sexy, over the top, contraption-esq get up under your dress…. who ever came up with that had to be a man cause ladies….. that’s just silly.  Continue reading

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Ahhhh My favorite answer to so many things. GFGI. Also known as Go Fucking Google It.

Yep I said it. But really Google is an amazing tool that can really help. Web Searches, Image Searches, Video Searches, Maps etc.

Have a question on etiquette… GFGI – Web Search

Looking for inspiration… GFGI – Web or Image Search, Videos too.

You can use Google Maps for all kinds of stuff. When looking for venues you can look to see what hotels, stores, attractions, etc are nearby.

Google can be a lifesaver.

Sorry for yet another short post. My sister will be here tomorrow so I will be off the grid until Monday 7/30. I know I will be way to busy and preoccupied to to hop on here to post. See you in a week!


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WedSite Wednesday

Hello folks! I do apologize again for being late. No I am not going to make a habit of late posts. As mentioned previously my sister is coming to town and prep for her arrival is like a mad dash.

So another of the random theme days I will pepper in here and there is going to be WedSite Wednesday. Keeping with the Website Week theme I thought today is as good as any to introduce it. WedSite Wednesdays will be an extension of Website Week. We’ll take the time to spotlight a great (or maybe not so great) websites that are wedding related.

Today I’d like to talk about TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com. I have a deep Love/Hate relationship with both of these sites. They are both pretty similar so I am addressing them together.  Continue reading

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Thank you all for joining me on this very late entry for Website Week. Still working on cleaning and it is HOT out. It was another 100 degree day here in the Chicago and thanks to the heat the fuse powering 2 of our A/C units blew. It was about 85 or 90 degrees in my living room when I got home from work.

So today I would like to discuss the immensely popular social media site Pinterest. If you need a place to organize the millions of ideas you have or to get more ideas Pinterest is where its at.

There are literally millions of people jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and there are more people joining everyday. You never know what you might find.

BONUS! Its simple to use: Continue reading

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Website Week Is Here!!!!

Welcome to Website Week here at That Wedding Blog! I hope you will forgive my absence on this past Friday. Life was a little crazy. I just got news that my baby sister will be coming to visit next week! While I am so elated to get to see her for the first time in over two years, I have a lot to do before she gets here… starting with making my house look less like a bomb was detonated in it.

This is the real world folks….. Peoples houses are not pristine till they have company…. unless said people have OCD or no lives or are germaphobes….etc. I am no exception. My house is not dirty, but it sure can get messy.

Sorry tangent… back on topic now…. Website Week! This week I would like to discuss the various tools and sites out there that can really help when planning your wedding. As a note on this week’s theme, I am not being paid to write any of the posts going up for website week. These are all articles I am writing out of a genuine love for these sites or a respect for the assistance the provide in planning a wedding. It is all my opinion only.

Today’s topic… Offbeat and Non-Traditional Weddings

The best site I’ve found is Offbeat Bride .

I cannot stress how much I LIVE on this site. I’m totally in love and I think if I were not so in love with Stud Muffin as I am I would be forced to propose to and wed this website.  Continue reading

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To the DIY Brides…


With the economy in the condition it is currently more and more couples are going the DIY route for their wedding. I think its fantastic. Nothing screams “personal touch” like something you make yourself.

DIY ideas for weddings are endless. There are literally thousands of DIY projects out there. The more you search the more you will find. Next week I will be sharing great websites and resources for finding and executing these ideas.

Common DIY projects include:

  • Invitations
  • Flowers
  • Boutonnieres
  • Centerpieces
  • Misc Decorations
  • Card Boxes
  • Guestbooks
  • Photobooths and Props
  • Ceremony Decor

I know it is going to be a lot of work. I know in the end it will pay off. I can’t wait to get started!The possibilities are really endless. I know for our wedding we will be making the invites, table runners, table numbers, centerpieces, some of the sweets, the sweet table, most of the ceremony decor, the bouquets and boutonnieres, the photobooth and props, and I am sure a myriad of other things. Heck we are likely even writing our own wedding ceremony.

So folks…… what DIY projects do you have planned for YOUR wedding?

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Themes are fun right?


I both love and hate themed weddings. I love them when they are done well and near everyone at the wedding is on board. I hate them when they are thrown together with little thought and or there are a bunch of party poopers or there is no cohesion.  If over kill and over the top is what makes you happy I say go all out but have a plan!

I think Stud muffin and I are going a little more subtle than having an all out theme. We want a laid back rustic theme. We are most likely having the wedding in a barn. There will be mason jars…… lots and lots of mason jars. That kind of stuff.

The rustic thing is pretty popular right now which is great because it means getting the stuff we need to pull it off will be easy. It kinda sucks though cause it isn’t going to have that super original feel we were hoping for. Luckily it will be original to most of our guests and we are going to be doing a lot of personalizing and DIY.

I can wait to start outlining ideas for everyone and sharing the projects with y’all as we get started. (Yes I say y’all)

Sorry for the short post today. Tomorrow we’ll be addressing the DIY bride!

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A Salute to the Gamer Chick Brides (& Gamer Grooms too)

Coming to you live from… well… our bedroom, which I may or may not have taken over for the afternoon.

Why you ask? Well I had a pretty crappy day and when I have a rough day and want to blow off steam I love to fire up Stud Muffin’s Xbox 360 and blow stuff up…. to day its Dragons….. I LOVE (and am probably a little addicted to) Skyrim. An nothing relieves stress better than an arrow to the knee.

So today I want to talk about the gamer chicks out there. We do exist! And I say why not incorporate your passion into your wedding!

There are a number of ways you can do it from subtle to over the top.  Continue reading

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Make It Stop Monday

Welcome to our first edition of Make It Stop Monday! Every so often I will come across something that really irks, annoys, or disgusts me in the wedding industry. Its strictly my opinion and its not meant to insult anyone.

This week I’d like to discuss the “cookie cutter” wedding so many people think is how a wedding ‘should’ be.

I’m sorry…. a wedding SHOULD be a celebration of two people’s love for one another and the life long commitment they are undertaking. It SHOULD be a party, rather large or small, representative of the couple and respective of their wishes.

A wedding SHOULD NOT be something that everyone has done a million times over. I don’t care if its what is “expected”. I know we don’t want our wedding looking like and feeling like every other wedding being held that day. Getting married is something deeply personal and I think the wedding should be personal too. It isn’t about what everyone else thinks is right, its about hot the couple wants to celebrate.

  • If you want to wear a red dress WEAR IT!
  • If you hate cake DON’T HAVE ONE!
  • If you would rather wear jeans than a tux WEAR JEANS!
  • If you want a casual picnic wedding with blankets on the ground GO FOR IT!
  • If you want the traditional cookie cutter wedding HAVE IT but make sure it is what YOU want!
  • If you don’t want a wedding…. DON’T HAVE ONE! 

Really folks I say it is time for a wedding revolution. How about we lose the ‘mandatory’ cookie cutter thing and make things more personal?

That all being said, I’m happy to announce out first theme week here at That Wedding Blog. Next week I’ll be discussing a multitude of online wedding resources to help the DIY and off-beat, non-traditional couples out there that want to stay away from the “cookie cutter” feel for their ceremony and reception.

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